How to make sure you retain a winning streak in marketing

It’s not easy, this “marketing” thing. It’s an effort that calls for passion, determination, subsistence, an attitude to kill for, relentlessness, unbelievable amount of hard work, and guts. It calls for a flair for marketing, of course.
Operations kick in when client orders fill in. Invoicing and accounting happens after work is delivered (or sometimes before work starts). Hiring happens when you have to scale. Marketing, however, is a continuous string of tasks that you need to do everyday, and that makes it much more difficult.
So, we lose steam. We lose our winning streak. We falter, fumble, and give up. It’s unfortunate but marketing is a direct result of our own personality. If you aren’t social, gregarious, outgoing, action-oriented, and organized, marketing – as a function – just goes out of the window. If marketing goes out, you might as well leave the building.

Here’s how to retain the winning streak in marketing:

Understand. Act. Reap rewards
Send out proposals to 10 new prospects a day; one prospect is likely to convert into a customer. But what happens really?
Three out of those 10 would ask you to “go take a hike” and two would go for your competition. You lost five prospects already, and it’s not about you. Four more prospects might not be ready for you yet. That leaves you with one buying customer for that day (which might not necessarily translate to an actual buying transaction on the same day, but we’ll assume it does).
If your ticket size for a total sale is $500, for instance. You are booking $500 worth of booking in a day – a total of $10,000 in a month assuming you work only Monday to Friday.
Think about what happens when you scale. What happens when you talk to 30 new prospects a day? What happens when you can improve conversion from 1 prospect out of 10 to 3 out of 10? What happens when your average ticket size increases from $500 to $750?
Work the numbers. Live the magic.

Fail fast
Mashable talks about how some startups get a second chance because they fail fast. Go ahead and fail, of course. Don’t’ forget that the spate of incoming lessons also happen fast. You got to stand there and take it all as it comes. Failing fast, however, won’t happen if you lounge on the couch and wonder why your business isn’t growing as fast as it should or why your sales numbers this month (and the previous months) have been dismal.
Fail fast means this: act fast. Send out proposals like your life depends on it. Network like each of those people you connect with is worth a million dollars each. Deploy marketing campaigns knowing that investment begets returns. Do it with an unabashed abandon. Go out, full steam ahead. Then, fail if you have to. The more you fail, you faster you get to where you want to be.

F*&^ distractions. You aren’t so meek, are you?
We are humans, after all. We have things like self-doubt, depressing sales numbers; diminishing bank account balances, piling responsibilities, and a thankless world to deal with. We also have families to take care of, employees to feed, contractors to manage, and thousands of things to think about. I didn’t mention that we have Internet, email, instant messages, mobile-based chatting, friends, and strangers pounding at your door for attention.
Let it all go. Make time for it, if you want to and make it clear. Read how different people eat your time away and what you should do about it.
You are strong, committed, responsible, sophisticated, intelligent, and ambitious. Don’t tell me that a phone call, a link to a random website, an unwelcome chat request, a mushrooming “meetup”, and a pesky stranger can beat you to your game.
Tell me something else, if you can.

Reach out to multiple channels
Never trust one single channel, ever. If you use social media for branding, engagement, and nurturing relationships, head to Quora and repeat what you do with social media in general. If you have channel partners for your eCommerce business, get more channel partners. Assuming you get business from incoming web-traffic from your landing pages, head out and do email campaigns. When everything else seems to be working the way it should, strive to figure out more strategic partnerships and sources for your business.

This shit never ends. Just so you know. How do you strive to keep up your marketing streak? What do you do to stay in the game?

No marketing, no business. Get this, now!

(article by A.Satyanarayana)


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