Tips for developing a dynamic mobile strategy

There are a lot of weak mobile websites and apps out there. Marketing strategies need to focus on how to improve the mobile experience.

1. Think: why is the customer accessing your website from a smartphone and not a laptop or desktop computer? What information would be most useful on-the-go? The answer probably has to do with where the consumer is. So…

2. Capitalize on location. Location is the new cookies. Where is the consumer accessing the site from? Can you send them something to get them in the store?

3. Don’t make a weak mobile site that ‘kidnaps’ users: many companies create beautiful mobile websites but with a serious content shortage. Moreover, many of these mobile websites make it nearly impossible to find the “View on full site” option which kidnaps the user to a confined and cramped mobile platform. This will frustrate the consumer: let users have have all the information they need.

4. Think: is the user on the mobile site to make a purchase or to find out more information? Research suggests that while eBay and Amazon should be transaction focused, most mobile website usage is focused on branding and less about point of sale.

5. Don’t forget that not everyone has an iPhone that is swipe-focused. Some mobile sites appear designed exclusively with iPhones in mind; what about the Android or Windows users? The gap between iOS and Droid is closing faster than you might expect and mobile websites should anticipate this.


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