Journey into the near future of mobile payments [Infographic]

The ongoing debate over the perceived success or failure of particular mobile payment initiatives like Google Wallet or Isis can be lively — to the extreme. The same can be said for discussions on technology, devices and any number of mobile-payment-related topics. That’s what makes payments interesting right now.

The problem is that many of these contentious discussions on what will happen in mobile payments miss what’s already happening. While there are certainly some high-profile initiatives that are still struggling to take off, the fact remains that consumers are adopting mobile payments. They like the convenience of banking, browsing and buying with their mobile devices.

And that’s what makes this infographic fun. Presented by Mobile Payments Today and mobile payment provider Cellum, the infographic shows some of the myriad ways mobile payments are already being used. From shopping on their phones to ditching change at the parking meter, consumers are embracing mobile payments for an ever larger number of daily tasks.

There is obviously room to grow, and we’re nowhere near banishing credit cards or cash just yet, but it’s clear that paying with a mobile device is gaining traction.

Feel free to share the infographic using the toolbar at the top of this post. You can also copy the code at the bottom of the page if you want to post the infographic on your blog or site.

Let us know in the comment section below if there are other use cases where you’re using mobile payments already.

(article by J.Wester)


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