Startups! What you should know about Apps [Mobile]?

What is an App[mobile]?
App is a short form for application, a piece of software that runs on smart phones or tablets which provides a feature rich user experience.

Why do you need an App?
For your consumer to interact with your brand or product.

Which business needs an App?
Don’t build an App just to say you have one even though it’s tempting as developing a native app can be expensive. Following are some of the Apps which are emerging these days in Indian business.

  • Business Apps
  • Education Apps
  • Social Networking Apps
  • Entertainment Apps
  • Travel Apps
  • Book Apps
  • Navigation Apps
  • News Apps
  • Health & Fitness Apps
  • Lifestyle Apps

What is the alternative to an App?
An alternative to an App is Mobile website.

How many types of Apps are there?

  1. Time Waster Apps: Ex.,  Games
  2. Utility Apps: Ex., Camera , Buying Plane Tickets etc.,
  3. Notification driven apps: Email, Texting, Reminders etc.,

Can mobile apps run on every phone?
No.  Apps run only on smart phones and tablets (iPad)

How many Smartphones are used across the globe?
297 million Smartphones are currently used

How many apps are downloaded worldwide?
24 Billion

Apps are developed for what platforms?
iOS (Apple), Android(Google), PalmOS, BlackBerry, Windows, Cross Platforms

What software is used to develop Apps?
iPhone Apps are written using : Objective -C, with comprehensive XCode (free) developer suite.
Android apps are written using:  XML & Java using the SDK

What is the market size for Apps(mobile) in India ?
$227 million in 2012 and growing by 20%

How many apps are downloaded daily?
45 million apps are downloaded every day just from Apple iTunes

Name some popular Apps that have revolutionized in Social media era?
Instagram -A photo Sharing app that was bought by Facebook for 1 Billion dollars

What is the future business model of Apps?
Users will buy it on Subscription based model, get free updates and again pay for new release.

What Indian Software Companies can develop Apps for your business?
OpenXcell, CastleRock, Techjini, TechAhead, Appz Studio and many more.


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