HTML5: the definitive guide to pros, cons, and whether it’s right for you [Infographic]

In today’s internet of things that provides an always connected world, an enterprise or consumer presence via a standard desktop browser is not enough. Everyone is looking for ways to serve employees and customers and meet potential ones wherever they connect. This challenge places an important decision in the hands of key decision makers: are native apps or mobile web the best way to reach our users? As always, the answer depends.

There are so many options in the mobile marketplace, it’s virtually impossible to create apps or custom mobile sites for each one. There are pros and cons to both approaches. Crafting native apps for every mobile operating system does offer enterprises control over the look and feel of their content, but it can be costly to make copies for each OS—not to mention the hassle of updating as new versions roll out. User experience and performance excel, but scalability is a challenge.

HTML5’s most sought-after quality is its flexibility. On any platform, whether a smartphone or a tablet, HTML5 code can be replicated with little to no adjustment for a specific OS. The mobile web also enhances discoverability, because it lends itself to search engine optimization techniques. HTML5 utilizes a screen-size agnostic approach called responsive design which can provide positive experience for users, but there are certain considerations that decision makers must evaluate when deciding whether to use HTML5. Is the flexibility worth potential trade-offs in rich UI/UX, app store presence, offline capabilities, and more?

Before investing in any mobile strategy, decision makers should evaluate the staying power of their approach and determine what technology best meets their specific use cases. This infographic takes an in-depth look at the various analyst projections and research around HTML5. What is the potential for this programming language, and how will it change the current mobile app ecosystem?


(article by D.Mukerji)


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