The connected opportunity: Three key elements for success

The connected opportunity is something that will influence our world in major ways over the coming months, years and decades – and 2014 is just the start.

At the heart of the success of a truly connected world are three things:

  • Infrastructure
  • Miniaturisation
  • Imagination

1. Infrastructure
Without a decent communications infrastructure, capturing, sharing and sending information from one wireless device to another simply won’t happen. While Wife, Bluetooth and NFC will enable some of these devices to connect, it’s the mobile network – specifically superfast technologies such as 4G – that will really bring to life the possibilities of the internet of things.

2. Miniaturisation
The reduction in the size of chip sets and related technologies will enable less obtrusive, more integrated tech in smaller and smaller objects. Imagine a wafer thin chipset that could make the label of a bottle interactive or make a T-shirt connected without significantly interfering with the design or material. The tech relating to the internet of things is already small – but it’s getting smaller. And as adoption rises, prices will drop, leading to a proliferation of connected objects and things all around us.

3. Imagination
With the technology, pricing, consumer appetite and networks all maturing at the same time, the only limit is the imagination of the product designers. One company that is enabling designers to connect the physical and digital worlds is Telit. With their company tag line “Making Machines Talk”, they create the tech that link objects to a network and to each other. The components on their stand at the Mobile World Congress looks like a 22nd Century Lego set. Indeed, it’s components like these will form the building blocks of a world connecting everything to the internet – from the collar of your dog, to the plants in your home.

We are in the midst of significant change in our personal and work lives – and technology is at the heart of that change.

(article by O.Swantee)


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