The difference between men and women on mobile

There are many differences between the activity of men and women on mobile and social media, one being 10 per cent more females use their phones for gaming.

The battle of the sexes comes into every aspect of life – one more so than others is activity on social media and mobile.

The majority of our online activity happens within social media, with 27 per cent of men using it most for business and 13 per cent for dating compared to 22 per cent and seven per cent respectively of women, reports

Ladies on the other hand prefer to use these platforms for relationships, sharing, entertainment and self-help.

Specifically on Facebook, 54 per cent of women view photos and videos compared to 39 per cent of men, 50 per cent share with multiple people compared to 42 per cent of blokes, and 43 per cent like viewing entertainment or funny posts compared to 35 per cent of men.

This might come as a surprise to some, but 38 per cent are girlie gamers, as opposed to just 28 per cent of males – that’ll stir up the stereotypes.


(article by P.Tottman)


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